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High Performance Attic

The Building Envelope: Part 4

The attic space of your home is a place most people who live theremay never see, however, the performance of this space is very important.


Raised Heel Trusses - By raising the heel of the truss at the

exterior wall you allow for the insulation to go to that area at

full height and maximum R value.       



TechShield Radiant Barrier - Improve you homes efficiency by

protecting from moisture & creating a barrier against the heat

from the sun.

The major things we need to pay attention to are these:



Ventilation - You need the proper amount of intake & outlet

space both in your soffit and roof ridge to create the chimney

effect to remove hot air in the summer to aid your efforts to

cool your home.



Insulation - We recommend a minimum of R-40 in this space.

Learn more about this from our video interviews.    

LP® TechShield® Radiant Barrier

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