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The Project

by Rich Coffman CGP & consultant to Oasis Homes USA

A High Performance home starts by being built to the high standards of quality that is demanded by the enforcement of the national and local building codes. It also has everything to do with the skilled craftsmen and quality building materials that are brought to the project.  Above and beyond these important aspects, a High Performance home, incorporates the most effective products and processes that will create a healthy and comfortable living environment, has a favorable impact on our planet, and produces significant energy savings for the home owners.

Major architects and building science experts agree that a key to building performance is for all the components to work together as a system. This concept is of primary importance in each stage of the project from design to completion. This requires that goals are established when the home is designed that are tracked at each stage of the building activity and tested to validate the process at the completion of the building.

The following diagram is an illustration of the Nathan & Jenny Verning residence being built by Oasis Homes USA. This visual will depict many of the High Performance features of this home. This is meant to be an overview and as you follow our series of High Performance videos and interviews on the you will learn much about how these elements work together to create a High Performance home. 

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