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Windows & Doors

In previous videos on the building envelope we have talked about the house as a box, with a bottom, sides, and a lid. 


Now we want to focus on the openings

that allow us to get in and out of the box and the openings that allow daylight and air into the space in which we live. Of course we are talking about doors, windows, and skylights.


The technology behind the High Performance of these building products is very complex and will require in depth interviews that we will conduct in future videos that will be posted on our web site. 

This is a tall order and that is why you need a team of professionals to guide you in selection of your windows & skylights in your home.


Finally, quality doors have a lot of the same technology to ensure your building envelope is not compromised. 


They must seal correctly, protect against heat gain in the summer & heat loss in the winter, be a durable product, and oh yes, they need to look great when you welcome your visitors to your home.


That's all for now, but keep looking for more information in this basic High

Performance Series.

High Performance Interview

But, for now here are some basic things to know:


Windows and Skylights are vital in the effective use of passive

solar. They can use the power of the sun to bring natural light

into the home and by warming a thermal mass (such as a

fireplace or tile floor)which can create warmth in the winter



The big issue in window technology is to eliminate air

penetration, to reduce heat loss and gain by using gas between

panes of glass, to limit solar heat gain being transmitted, to

allow for the proper amount of visual light, and provide

ultraviolet protection. 


The Building Envelope: Part 5

Simonton Windows

with Steve Struckhoff & Chuck Calcaterra

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